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Communities where everyone matters

Our organisation’s core mission is to contribute to develop communities where everyone matters.

We believe that a societal catastrophes such as Covid19 present challenges where human and constitutional rights become diluted, and are sometimes lost altogether. The sheer brutality of the pandemic creates a dangerous world where the principles that surround human rights become afterthoughts. We are fierce defenders of equal citizenship and democracy. We believe that citizen and peer advocacy are cornerstones of a civilised society. They provide touchstones of human connections for people who would easily become isolated and very vulnerable to the abuses of their human rights. Independent statutory advocacy defends and protects constitutional rights. Independent advocacy acts as an empowering antidote to excessive state powers.

A common feature of all forms of advocacy is to stand by somebodies side and empower their wished, beliefs and decisions. 

At the heart of the advocacy pact lies authentic, human, respectful relationships. During the Covid19 crisis we are striving to find new practical connection strategies. Advocacy is a powerful tool. Our team is working each and every day to make positive impacts. We are using all of our advocacy skills to bolster the Merseyside self advocates network and friendships groups to help people stay connected and continue to be empowered.

We would be delighted if you would join us on our journey of advocacy discovery. If you would like to donate just a small amount of time to connect on the telephone or on line with one of our self advocates please don't hesitate to contact us at;

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