Who are Advance Personal Support Services ? 
Meet the Directors 

Jonathan Hurley 

 Jonathan leads for ADVANCE in the area of:

Review, Inspection and Quality Checking

"My name is Jonathan Hurley and I am Downs Syndrome. My work is dedicated to making sure that the world treats my peers and myself equally. I believe that all too often our voices and ideas are ignored and this is a problem.

I have done lots of work in Liverpool with the Partnership Board, including being the Chairperson. However, I wanted to have a bigger impact so I started working for the Health Care Commission inspecting learning disability residential units by doing surprise visits. The purpose of these visits was to ensure that the residents were being cared for properly. I then started voluntary work for the AIMS programme with  the Royal College Of Phsychiatrists doing accreditations for learning disability/ mental health units. I also have now become an expert by experience working alongside the Care Quality Commission, again inspecting learning disability/mental health treatment and assessment units.  I have been trained to conduct reviews of public services and independent organisations. I am now an experienced inspector and reviewing officer.

I wanted to develop my work even more and so, together with my colleague Directors decided to create ADVANCE. I love my experiences with ADVANCE and really enjoy the things that we do.

My experience includes:

  • Director and Chairperson of Liverpool People First
  • Chairperson of Liverpool Learning Disabilities Partnership Board
  • Chairperson of Liverpool Getting Involved Group.
  • Recruitment interview panels for large public service organisations

I also have extensive experience of working with public and

independent services.

I now apply my experience, skills and knowledge working for ADVANCE to help public and independent services continue to improve.

To find out more about the work that I lead on click here "

Aidan Pollitt 

 Aidan leads for ADVANCE in the area of: 

Short Breaks / Holidays / Respite / Events and Training

"I am an experienced social care professional and teacher. I have worked in and managed a range of social care provider services for a number of local authority social services departments. I have been a volunteer, a day service officer, a residential worker, a unit manager and a senior manager. My experience is mainly around day care, residential services, supported living arrangements and supported employment support services. I believe that the future is in self directed support through the use of personal budgets and direct payments.  Hence my interest and involvement in the development of Advance PSS. 

I have a track record of developing imaginative, efficient solutions to social barriers. Studying for a Masters degree in Business Administration provided me with the tools to help to create innovative developments in the world of social care. I am a teacher by qualification and passionately believe that information and knowledge are drivers of innovation - so leading for Advance PSS on events and training is particularly satisfying.

I have lots of experience of planning and providing short breaks that are tailored for disabled people. I now use this experience on behalf of ADVANCE PSS to benefit customers who require short breaks.

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 Kailash Sharma

 Kailash leads for ADVANCE in the area of:

Keeping it personal / Support Planning

"I am a qualified and experienced Social Worker (Diploma / MA in social work, DipMan), Policy Officer and Manager. I have worked in both the public and the independent sectors. I have extensive experience in the area of Support Planning, Assessment, and Review. 

I am also a carer. My brother is Downs Syndrome. This mixture of experience as both a professional and a carer provides me with a unique perspective on the workings of modern social work and health services. I wanted to take part in creating ADVANCE PSS because I think that, from my experience and my research, an organisation such as this is necessary to deliver services to those people and their carers who continue to struggle for a truly personalised service. I am very interested in the recent thinking and developments surrounding 'In Control' and 'Personalisation'. I believe that Personal budgets provide a tool for people to shape their support around themselves. ADVANCE is a new organisation but it is a very exciting development that I am proud to be part of. I now apply my personal and professional experience on behalf of ADVANCE in the interests of the customer.

Equality and diversity is central to how I undertake my role. This is particularly important when developing personal support plans with people; as our personal biography shapes who we are.    

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