Whether you are a person with care and support needs or a carer for somebody else who has needs for care and support, the first step towards making sure that your needs are met is usually to request a 'health and social care' assessment from your local council. The assessment is also known as an 'assessment of need'. If you appear to have care and support needs the council MUST conduct an assessment. 

The assessment identifies the level of met and unmet needs that you have and is carried out by someone with the appropriate experience, knowledge and training. You should be offered the opportunity to do a 'self assessment'. If you decide to self assess the council will assure itself about the information that you provide. 

You are eligible for the council to meet your needs if you meet the criteria laid down by law.

Sometimes assessments are carried out alongside other public services such as health dependent upon your circumstances. 

Here are some useful links that explain how the system works.

 Care and Support Plans and Support Plans

After the council has decided that you are eligible it MUST make a care and support plan for you. If you are a carer this will be called a support plan. You are entitled to be involved in the drawing up of the plan as much as possible. You can also request the council to contact other people who you think might be able to provide valuable information. 

When it is complete the document will explain how the council intends to make sure that your needs are met. This might be through using services, or pointing you in the direction of other ways to meet your needs. Your plan will be reviewed occasionally to see how things are going. At any time the council can signpost you to other services or solutions that might help to prevent your needs from developing.  

A personal care and support plan is yours. So it is designed with you and tailored around your requirements - your life - meeting your needs. 

How can Advance PSS CIC help ?

ADVANCE are experts at assisting people to pick their way through the care system. Our role is to make sure you are involved as much as possible in all of the steps of the journey. We can do this through accessing independent advocacy or through a paid for bespoke If necessary we will act on your behalf to iron out any problems that crop up.

We work with people who use services and with carers. through deploying specialised tools developed from nationally recognised good practice to blend resources and provision around you so that you can ‘live your life’.

We have lots of experience of using public services and lots of experience of working in public services. No matter how complex the situation, through information advice and assistance we can help you to negotiate the ‘official maze’ of care and health services. 

We are grateful to Think Local Act Personal who have produced a tool that people can use to plan their care and support. Our approach is to help you to use this tool. You can see the tool by clicking on the picture below:

We have expert knowledge of the care system

We understand the legal duties of public services and the entitlements created for citizens 

We will stand by you to make sure that you are as involved in the processes as much as possible

We will use our expert knowledge to help you to figure out what works … and what doesn’t

We help you to decide the 'outcomes' that you want the processes to achieve

We help by helping you to access advice and information 

We help you to understand 'direct payments', how they work and how they can be managed

Contact us by clicking here to request a meeting with us to find out how we can help you to make a great support plan.