Short Breaks

ADVANCE PSS understands the difficulties that people face when making plans for short breaks. For one thing there seems such a lack of choice. ADVANCE PSS uses its experience, knowledge, and network to develop some imaginative solutions. For example see our recently developed Clearwater Adventure Breaks.

Below are a few questions that you might ask about short breaks. If you have a question that isn't here - or if you want to make any suggestions to us about short breaks, we are very keen to hear from you. Contact us by clicking here and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to leave your contact details for us so that we can respond in the best way that suits you.

Can I use my personal budget or direct payment to pay for a short break ?

The short answer to this question is 'yes'

Lots of people aren't aware that a personal budget or direct payment can be used to pay for part or the whole cost of a short break. Carers can also use their carers personal budget or direct payment to pay for a break for themselves. Personal budgets and direct payments can also be used to subsidise your break if you also to decide to use your own money.

So are short breaks an alternative to traditional 'respite' care ?

Yes. Some local authorities still provide 'respite hostels' for people to stay in when they need a short break. But many local authorities are reducing the amount of places that they have available. This can be very worrying for people who have relied on those services for a long time.

Personal budgets and direct payments can be used to provide imaginative alternative solutions. For example, groups of friends may want to 'pool' their budgets in order to take a break together. This could be an 'activity break', or an 'adventure break'. This is where the expertise, experience, and networking of Advance PSS comes in. 

What kind of short breaks can Advance arrange ?

ADVANCE PSS shapes the service around people rather than the other way around. We can design a break for you what ever your needs. We can design breaks abroad, at home, in hotels, caravans, cottages, narrow boats ... just about anywhere!  We can also arrange support for you while you are on your break.

We also arrange activity breaks for people who have particular interests.

Whether you want to go away alone, with friends, or with your family; Advance PSS tailors support around you to make sure that you have a fabulous time. We help you to get the best deal for your money.

If you would like ADVANCE to plan and support a break for you contact us by clicking here.

How does ADVANCE PSS staff the short breaks ?

Lots of people want to be accompanied by their own personal assistants and support workers. However, if you want Advance PSS to provide you with support we can arrange that also. Our support staffing model is straight forward. Each break will be led by a 'Break Leader'. Break Assistants will also accompany customers on the short break. The number of staff will vary dependent upon customers needs.  All of our staff are CRB checked and trained for the job.

ADVANCE PSS has firm policies and procedures that guide and help our staff to maintain a first class service. To see our policy e-book click here .

Short Break Leader.

This is the person who will be responsible for developing a great understanding about what your needs are, making the practical arrangements for the break, keeping you in touch with any developments about the break, and being the senior officer in charge whilst the break is taking place.

Short Break Assistants.

Break Assistants help with social care and support for our customers whilst taking a short break.This ranges from providing personal care to assisting in activities.


Advance PSS welcomes the help and assistance of volunteers. Volunteers contribute a huge amount to the lives of others. And at the same time gain some a great sense of personal fulfillment. If you are interested in volunteering with ADVANCE PSS don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking here. We are always keen to talk with new volunteers and provide a place where you can contribute your skills and experience.  

A Criminal Records Bureau check is required to volunteer. Also, we have a short application process. However, we keep this as straight forward as possible.

Our focus is on you - we want to know how we can use your talents and skills, but also make your time fulfilling and enjoyable.