Welcome to my space 

 "My name is Jonathan Hurley and I am Downs Syndrome. My work is dedicated to making sure that the world treats my peers and myself equally. I believe that all too often our voices and ideas are ignored and this is a problem. I have done lots of work in Liverpool with the Partnership Board, including being the Chairperson. However, I wanted to have a bigger impact so I started working for the Health Care Commission inspecting learning disability residential units by doing surprise visits. The purpose of these visits was to ensure that the residents were being cared for properly. I then started voluntary work for the AIMS programme with  the Royal College Of Psychiatrists doing accreditation's for learning disability/ mental health units. 

I also have now become an expert by experience working alongside the Care Quality Commission, again inspecting learning disability/mental health treatment and assessment units.  I have been trained to conduct reviews of public services and independent organisations. I am now an experienced inspector and reviewing officer. I wanted to develop my work even more and so, together with my colleague Directors decided to create ADVANCE PSS. I love my experiences with ADVANCE and really enjoy the things that we do. My experience includes:

  • Director and Chairperson of Liverpool People First
  • Chairperson of Liverpool Learning Disabilities Partnership Board
  • Chairperson of Liverpool Getting Involved Group.
  • Recruitment interview panels for large public service organisations
  • Member of the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities
  • Director of Advance Personal Support Services
  • Lots of peer advocacy
  • North West Regional Forum member

I have lots of experience of working alongside public and independent services. I have help and support to do all of this voluntary work. 

I am now a North West representative on the National Forum for People with  Learning Disabilities. I can help you have a voice. Also, I will always feed back to you about the things that are happening at a National and Regional level. If you would to contact me about anything at all just e-mail me by clicking here email Jonathan 

Over the next few months I will be using my space here to upload some video's and other things. They will all appear below. Just click on the link to see what I have been up to most recently.

A big 'Thank you' 

In February 2015 I was elected by the North West Regional Forum to be one of the representatives on the National Forum for People with Learning Disabilities. In this video I wanted to thank everyone for electing me and talk about what I want to do on the National Forum

Launch of the Merseyside Regional Forum for People with Learning Disabilities 

It is very difficult for people with Learning Disabilities to have a say in things that matter to us.  It is great that the North West has a Regional Forum. We even have a great conference that takes place in Blackpool every year. But I think that Merseyside should have its own forum so we can feed into the Regional. So I had an idea and we started the Merseyside Forum on 25th September 2015. It was a really good start and we discussed different ways that the Forum could be organised. This is the invite letter that went out to everyone. I will upload the notes of the meeting soon. Watch this space for further developments. Everyone is welcome to come to the meetings. The next one takes place in December.