Our current campaigns and petitions 

Thank you for reading our 'Current Campaigns' page. 
Advance PSS CIC campaigns about things we feel strongly about. 
We either join campaigns that other organisations and people are conducting - or we start a campaign ourselves. 

Our current campaigns are:

'No Voice'

We are running a petition on behalf of the National Forum of People with Learning Disabilities about the Department of Health decision to completely cut their funding from March 2017. 'Inclusion', 'co-production' and 'involvement' must be more than just words.  

Jonathan Hurley from Advance PSS CIC is a Co-Chairperson of the National Forum. He say's this ...

 "We contribute to very important work that is done by the Department of Health - for example we have been heavily involved in work to stop the deaths and abuse in care facilities. We're entitled to be involved when plans are being made and decisions are taken. We have fought very hard to make sure that public services don't ignore us. This is about our dignity and our identity. Cutting the funding to the National Forum will be another way of taking away our voice"

These are the links that you can use to sign the petition, read about how the campaign is going and provide support to the National Forum. 

If you prefer - click on the picture on the right for a copy of the petition to download. Please ask your family, friends and workmates to sign it if they haven't already signed it online. And then you can post it to us at the following address: 

Advance PSS CIC
369-371 Eaton Road, 
L12 2AH