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Social Care providers gather in Liverpool to consider the impacts of the Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 supports a huge shake up of social care in England and replaces much of the legislative framework for Councils and statutory bodies from April 2015. The Act signals a new age of social care for people who require services. Providers of social care bracing themselves for the impacts of the reforms and repeals. Many are struggling to keep pace with what the legislative changes mean to them in the face of on-going resource and commissioning issues.

Revised regulation and inspection arrangements, duties of candour and impacts of the Act on human rights status all present serious challenges to providers that require a higher level understanding of the new legal architecture.

Likewise new duties and statutory processes surrounding adult safeguarding make it imperative that organisations stay up to date on local adult safeguarding arrangements, including revising their own policies and procedures where necessary. But this will be best achieved through accurate interpretation of the Act, its regulations and statutory guidance.

But it’s not all gloom and doom for providers. Whilst there are clear risks, the new legal framework also presents significant opportunities for organisations that have developed a grasp of the new legal framework. The Act, together with its regulations and statutory guidance changes the way that providers trade with local authorities. And this means that providers need good up to date and accurate legal information in order that they can move forward with confidence in terms of their relationships with their customers and also with their commissioning authorities. The Act sets the scene for ambitious councils to market shape in new and innovative ways that will hugely impact upon their commissioning and contracting relationships with providers. Providers need to be prepared for this new world of commissioning.

For providers to engage in the new markets they require a honed understanding of how the duties arising out of the Act changes assessment processes, eligibility entitlements and care and support planning. Likewise mastering how the provision of information and advice together with independent advocacy could act as a trigger for organisations to reposition their business thinking.

The really good news is that It’s not too late ! Where better to start than on 2nd February 2014  listening to some of the leading thinkers and commentators about the Care Act 2014 in the Advance PSS event the Care Act 2014 for Providers of Social Care ?

Speakers at the event are from the leading social care consultancy and training organisation Care and Health Law including Belinda Schwehr, legal author, academic and independent commentator who will deliver the key note speech. Other presenters include Sue Inker, legal and professional practice trainer and legal consultant; Nick Marcangelo, experienced social work manager and independent health and social care consultant; Antony Thorn: experienced strategic commissioner, social care manager, bid writer and director of social enterprises. 

By highlighting the aspects of the Act that are important to providers this event will assist organisations to prioritise their strategic approaches in delivering quality whilst at the same time growing their business. A packed programme of workshops includes:


The new duties and approaches to assessments and care planning

The new definition of a personal budget

Involvement and advocacy

Changes to ordinary residence

Support Planning – asset based and looking to the community

The extension to Choice of Accommodation rights – and the impact on top-ups

The impact of Human Rights status for most regulated providers.

The new duty of candour and new quality standards

Safeguarding: including the duties of providers to investigate first,

The potentially transformational commissioning duty and guidance – market shaping for diversity, sustainability and quality

Opportunities and new possible income streams

Training and development for a modern era of social care

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As part of our LEEP programme we have just spent a morning in the company of the good folk of Mary Seacole House chatting all things personal budgets and direct payments. Thank you for being so welcoming and also for the great contributions. 



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A great piece of taking control ... or 'micro-commissioning' in Council lingo :-)

We were contacted today by a person that we met in ASDA on Friday while we were chatting with people about direct payments and personal budgets as part of our LEEP project. The person said that before speaking with us they had never heard about direct payments.

On Saturday she was badly let down by their home care service who just didn’t turn up ! So she decided to take things into her own hands and ask the Council for a direct payment. She said The Council were good when she contacted them and are sending someone round to talk with her about how she can get direct payments. She was really happy because this means that she can now decide for herself who can support her and this puts her in control - and that’s what personal budgets and direct payments are all about. People commissioning their own services.


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Advance at ASDA

On Friday we popped up a pop up stall in ASDA Smithdown Rd to talk with people about using personal budgets and direct payments - what a fab day ! 

Amazing how many people want to know more. 

Thanks ASDA for being so welcoming - we’ll be back soon.

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<p>Advance at ASDA</p>

Advance at ASDA

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Welcome to our all new blog page. We will be blogging here regularly about lots of different topics. Check in with us regularly to see what we have been up to.

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