Antony Thorn 

Anthony is an innovative manager who has worked in both the voluntary sector and Local Government for 15 years. Most of his working life has been in the public and charitable sectors. He is an expert  commissioner with extensive experience of leading procurement exercises, authoring bids for large contracts, fund raising, and effective contract management. He embraces change to traditional work practices whilst maintaining innovation and excellence.

Anthony has developed user led organisations and enterprises from initial vision, through consultation to delivery and has also managed user led services in the voluntary sector. His philosophy of empowerment, innovation and equal opportunities is underpinned by an extensive knowledge of social enterprise, and community development.

Anthony is an ‘agent for change’ who embraces the opportunity to develop services innovatively which is illustrated by the success he has led in streamlining services to get best value for both the customer and the organisation. His understanding of the markets in Social Care has been instrumental in positively developing Social Care services in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Solihull and London.

Anthony is personally driven by values that envision an inclusive and cooperative society which works together to meet everyone’s needs. He believes that communities have the skill, strengths and compassion to be able to support everyone in our society through empowering, recognising and embracing the strengths and assets that people naturally have, not their weakness. 

He is a natural entrepreneur who can see and react to business opportunity. He has enjoyed creating his own successful small enterprises. It is through these experiences that Anthony has developed a keen knowledge and understanding of the Care Act 2014 and embraces the opportunities and risks presented to social care providers.