About this event 

The pace of policy and legal change has been huge for social care providers in the last few years. ‘We find it really difficult to keep up with implementing the legislative changes in the face of on-going resource and commissioning issues.’

Changes to the law in social care service provision have been driven by changing demand, demographics, public spending efficiencies and intense scrutiny through regulation and compliance.

The Care Act 2014 represents the single most significant legal development in adult social care provision since 1948. The Act, with its new statutory regulations and final guidance, potentially transforms the ways that providers trade with the public sector.  Changes to commissioning duties, fee setting guidance and market sustainability responsibilities are all explicit legal themes. There are consequential clear and inherent risks for organisations. However, the new rules and regulations also offer plenty of development and business opportunities for providers who have developed a grasp of the new legal framework.


Aims of the event  

The underpinning aim of this event is to create a space where providers can structure their thinking about how to make the Care Act 2014 work for them in order to continue presenting the highest quality care to their service users. The event will focus on three key themes:

Developing an organisational legal and procedural knowledge base that is fit for purpose within the post Care Act 2014 world of social care provision

Identifying important risks and opportunities that are presented by the passing of the Care Act 2014

Understanding the legal duties that providers of social care are faced with when the Care Act 2014 comes in force in April 2015